News – May 2012

This month’s update includes a number of improvements to the reporting capabilities as well as additional new features requested by our users:

Detailed Transaction Report

A new report has been added to allow reporting and export of detailed transaction information. It can be found from the reports menu as shown in the following screenshot:

Menu Bar

The report supports selection of transactions by property unit and date period and will show all available details for the transactions in question as shown in the following sample:

Expenditure Analysis by Supplier

The Expenditure Analysis report has been expanded to allow filtering by supplier. The following screenshot shows the new parameter at the top of the screen:

In addition, the report now shows a breakdown by property unit, which helps visualize how a supplier’s expenditure has been distributed across your portfolio, e.g.

Making it easier to find Tenancy records

On the Tenancies page, there are now a number of different mechanisms to make it easier to find the record you’re looking for:

  • You can use the drop-down list above the list of tenancies to filter the list by a property unit.
  • You can use the text box in the Tenant Name column heading – this will find all tenants that have a name containing the typed in characters.
  • You can click on column headings to sort the list by that column.

The following screenshot shows the different options graphically:


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