News – September 2012

For this month’s update we have one operational notice and details of a couple of recent enhancements that have been made to the site.

Web Site Maintenance Friday 21st September

The web site will be unavailable from 9.45pm on Friday 21st September through to 1.00am on Saturday 22nd September in order to allow for scheduled maintenance at the data center.

Product Features

VAT Support goes beta

As part of continued improvements for our larger landlords and letting agents, we have made available an initial set of features to support VAT registered traders/companies. This includes:

  • Ability to record the VAT element on income and expenditure records.
  • Ability to automatically apply VAT to management fees.
  • An enhanced statement to show VAT details.

This feature is being made to a limited set of customers for testing during the beta period. If you are interested in getting involved then please contact support.

Improved search capabilities on several web pages

It is now possible to easily filter rows on a number of web pages – for example:

  • Tenancies page: Filter by Property Unit, Tenant Name(s) and Account No.
  • Property Account page: Filter the list of expenditure by Trans No., Property Unit, Supplier, Category
  • Landlords page: Filter by Name, Address.
  • Statement page: Filter by Trans No., Property Unit, Summary.
  • Tax Worksheet: Filter income transactions by Trans No., Property Unit, Tenant Name(s), Charge Name.
  • Tax Worksheet: Filter expenditure transactions by Trans No., Property Unit, Supplier, Tax Category.

The following screenshot shows the new filter fields on the Tenancies page:

Smarter Page Layout Customizations

The system now allows you to personalize a number of aspects of the system so you can focus more on the information that’s relevant to you. There are three aspects to this:

  • The ability to show or hide the Actions menu
  • The ability to collapse or expand the panels on the home dashboard

These personalizations are sticky – i.e. the system will remember your choices the next time you return to the site.

The following screenshot shows a personalized home dashboard and highlights the controls that are available:

New UI controls

Additional Improvements

A number of additional usability improvements have been added:

  • Ability to sort columns on the Financial Periods page
  • Ability to sort columns on the Recurring Expenditure page

Coming Soon

We’re working on a number of improvements requested by our letting agents – to improve the printability of pages and to make it easier to produce statements for client landlords. More news on these next month.


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