News – October 2012

The main news this month is the addition of a widely requested enhancement to our popular tenancy balance feature, plus a couple of additional improvements.

Export Tenancy Balances to PDF

The Tenancy Balance page has been extended to allow exporting to Adobe PDF format. This now means you can export tenancy balances to Excel, Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word formats, as well as print them directly from the web site. The following screenshot shows the new link on the tenancy balance page.

Tenancy Balance export pdf link

Smarter Date Entry

We’ve made entry of date information smarter so it recognizes a broader range of formats. For example, all the following are equivalent:

  • 21/Sep/12
  • 21/Sep/2012
  • 21/09/2012
  • 21-Sep-12
  • 21-09-2012
  • 210912
  • 21092012

Upload of Multiple Attachments

The attachment upload dialog now makes it easier to upload multiple attachments in one go. For example, on Windows, simply select multiple files from Windows Explorer and drag them together onto the attachment upload dialog as shown in the following screenshot:

Attachments - multiple upload


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