News – June 2014

Improved Alerting Control

A number of changes have been made to improve the alerting capabilities. This includes:

  • More formal recognition of the different types of alerts that the system can generate.
  • Ability to control which alerts are enabled.
  • Ability to control the actions triggered by an alert, including the ability to create tasks, or generate calendar events.
  • Smarter regeneration of alerts if dates are updated.

The page for controlling alerts can be accessed from the Admin link at the top of the page. The following screenshot shows the Alert Control page:

Alert Control Page
[Tip: click image to enlarge]

A new report has been added to show which alerts have been generated over a specified date period. This makes it much easier to check which alerts were actually generated and when. The following screenshot shows the alert report:

Alert Report
[Tip: click image to enlarge]

New Alerts

Two new additional alerts have been added for two significant events associated with tenancies:

  • Tenancy End Date alert: Triggers an alert for tenancies which are approaching their end date.
  • Tenancy Contract Renewal alert: Triggers an alert for tenancies with contracts which are due for renewal.



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