News – May 2015

Tenant Archiving

It is now possible to archive tenants so they do not appear by default on the list of tenancies. You can control whether or not a tenancy record is archived using the new field on the tenancy dialog as shown here:

Tenancy Dialog
[Tip: click image to enlarge]

Archived tenancies are not included in the list of open tenancies on the home page. In addition, they are not shown by default on the tenancies page. If you do have archived tenancies then an additional control is shown at the top of the list of tenancies to also show them, as shown in the following screenshot:

Tenancies Page
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Export to Excel for Open Tenancies on Home Page

It is now possible to download an Excel export of the list of open tenancies on the home page. See the following screenshot:

Home Page Export Tenancies to Excel
[Tip: click image to enlarge]

This will export all the tenancies displayed in the Open Tenancies list into an Excel file.

Usability Improvements

A number of tweaks have been made to different parts of the system to make them a little easier to use:

  • When recording management items, a warning is now displayed if the reminder date is not in the future.
  • When creating custom document templates, better warning messages are displayed for incorrectly specified embedded fields.
  • The tax worksheet now displays more quickly when there are a large number of records.

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