News – September 2014

Smarter Email Support for Documents

The document management system now includes two new improvements:

  • More intelligent defaulting of the recipient email when emailing documents – for example, when generating a document for a tenancy, the email id defaults to the tenant’s email.
  • A smarter auto-completing list of values when typing an email id.

Improvements to Properties map

The first change is that we have made a couple of tweaks to the way the map is displayed on the Properties page so it displays more quickly.

The second change is the ability to override the address used to display a property unit on the map. The following screenshot shows the new fields within the property unit dialog:

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Additional Improvements

  • It should now be easier to troubleshoot problems when creating or editing custom document templates.
  • Internally we have made a number of changes to the way in which we store and manage information. This should help make the system more responsive and performant.



News – June 2014

Improved Alerting Control

A number of changes have been made to improve the alerting capabilities. This includes:

  • More formal recognition of the different types of alerts that the system can generate.
  • Ability to control which alerts are enabled.
  • Ability to control the actions triggered by an alert, including the ability to create tasks, or generate calendar events.
  • Smarter regeneration of alerts if dates are updated.

The page for controlling alerts can be accessed from the Admin link at the top of the page. The following screenshot shows the Alert Control page:

Alert Control Page
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A new report has been added to show which alerts have been generated over a specified date period. This makes it much easier to check which alerts were actually generated and when. The following screenshot shows the alert report:

Alert Report
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New Alerts

Two new additional alerts have been added for two significant events associated with tenancies:

  • Tenancy End Date alert: Triggers an alert for tenancies which are approaching their end date.
  • Tenancy Contract Renewal alert: Triggers an alert for tenancies with contracts which are due for renewal.


News – March 2014

Smart Assistant Sharing

It is now possible to share smart assistants with other users in your organisation. A new field has been added to the bottom of the Smart Assistant pages to support this, as shown in the following screenshot:

Smart Assistant page

If the smart assistant is shared then it will appear on the home page of all users in your organisation. Otherwise it will only appear on the home page of the user that created it.

Task Sharing

It has always been possible to create share a tasks list with other users (see the Organiser help topic), but we have now enhanced the task dialog to make it easier to save a task to a shared folder. The following screenshot shows the new addition to the task dialog:

Task dialog

News – December 2013

Tenancy Contract Renewal Dates

The tenancy record has been extended to allow recording of the contract renewal date as shown in the following screenshot:

Tenancy Dialog
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Tenancy Management Reports

Two new reports have been added to help find tenancies with significant upcoming dates:

  • Report showing upcoming tenancy end dates
  • Report showing upcoming tenancy renewal dates

Both reports allow filtering of tenancy by date criteria and property unit or portfolio. And both support export to excel. The new reports can be accessed from the Reports menu as shown in the following screenshot:

Tenancy Reports Menu
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The following screenshot shows a sample view of the Tenancy Ending report:

Tenancy Ending Report
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Improvements to Document Templates

It’s always been possible to create your own custom document templates. We have recently made a couple of changes to make it easier:

  • We have improved the error handling and reporting for unknown substitution variables or for syntactical errors when specifying substitution variables. This should make it a lot easier to rectify mistakes when setting up custom documents.
  • We have made a couple of tweaks to improve the performance and reliability of custom document generation.

News – September 2013

Document Templates – Insert Landord and Management Agent Details

It is now possible to insert details of the associated landlord or the managing agent into document templates. For example, the following snippet shows part of a template which inserts the landlord name and address into a document that’s generated for a tenancy:

Landlord Name: #{tenancy.propertyUnit.managementInformation.owningOrganization.companyName}
Landlord Address: #{tenancy.propertyUnit.managementInformation.owningOrganization.address.summaryLine}

This can be used, for example, to insert landlord details into tenancy agreements. See the help system for full details of all available properties that can be added to document templates.

Improved Detailed Transaction Report

The transaction detail report has been extended to include additional fields that were recently added and to better compress the display so more of the information can be viewed on the screen or on printable pages.

News – July 2013

This update outlines improvements that were added as part of the changes deployed at the end of July.

Tax Worksheet Update

The tax worksheet has been updated to reflect the most recent changes to the SA105 UK Property Tax form.

Document Management – Copy Public Template

It is now possible to copy one of the standard document templates so you can easily customize it. Each of the standard document templates now has a new action link as shown in the following screenshot:

Document manager copy document link

Clicking on this link will create a copy which you can edit and customize to better meet your needs.

News – May 2013

The May update includes a couple of improvements to the way in which tenancies are managed.

Tenancy Guarantor Information

It is now possible to record details of the guarantor for a tenancy. The following screenshot shows the new tab for the tenancy dialog:

Tenancy guarantor information

Tenancy Contact Information on Tenancy Balance

The Tenancy Balance page has been extended to display contact information for the tenancy – email address, telephone number, mobile number. This makes it much easier to access this information when it’s necessary to contact the tenant with any queries. The following screenshot shows the new fields on the page:

Tenancy balance contact fields