News – May 2021

Dear customers – hope you are all keeping well!

This update describes some recent improvements we have made to as part of the ongoing efforts to make it easier for you to manage your property portfolios.

Hope you find the updates useful. As usual you can always contact us if you have any questions.

Improvements to the Tenancy Balance Statement page

The tenancy balance statement page is one of the most used parts of the product and is essential for keeping track of payments due versus payments made for tenancies. We have recently made a couple of improvements to the page to make it easier to customize what information is shown – in particular to make it easier to produce statements that can be more easily shared with the tenant.

Compact View

The first improvement is an option to switch to a compact view. By default, the system displays the full details of the tenancy balance, showing all historical payments due and payments made. The new compact view will display a shorter form of the statement, showing only those payments due or paid for each charge since the last zero balance entry.

The following screenshot shows how to select the Compact View and an example compacted statement:


[Tip: click image to enlarge]

Note how the statement hides the payment entries between 01/April/20 and 30/Apr/21 where they have been all settled.

Default Display Options

The second improvement is the addition of further options to control what is displayed on the tenancy balance statement.

The following screenshot shows the new options:


[Tip: click image to enlarge]

  • Hide total paid/due: Whether or not to display the total paid and total due in the summary. It is sometimes useful to hide these when producing statements for tenants.
  • Show latest first: By default the tenancy balance is displayed in order of payment due date, from earliest to latest. This option allows you to reverse the order so they are shown from latest to earliest.
  • Show compact view: By default, the tenancy balance is shown with the full view. Setting this option changes the default display so it is shown in compact view by default.

These options are saved as defaults for your user account and will be remembered across logins.



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